The Markowicz Familty Tree Project עץ משפחת מרקוביץ. שושלת מינה ונפתלי שלום שמואל נויהאוס הכהן מרקוביץ

The Virtual Markowicz Family Tree



קטע וידאו על הטיול המשפחתי - ושיחזור התמונה מ1921

A part from the family root trip to Germany and Poland (2007) on Video


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The virtual Markowicz Family Tree is a virtual version of an earlier tree created in 1978 by Judith Gil. Shlomo Markowicz collected data for the original tree.


Initiative for the 1996 version of the tree came from Menachem Merhav. This "sun" version, created by Yair Gil, was presented on the 90th birthday of his grandmother, Siddy Beer. Erika Werner provided invaluable information on the non-Israeli branches of the family for subsequent updates.


In Spring 2000, Yair Gil put up an accessible and updatable virtual version of the family sun-tree.


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Stones of Memory Roots

For tolerance and understanding of young people from Poland and Israel


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A special graphic Markowicz tree associated with the wide Wronker Family in (Est. April 2010)


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The Horwitz Branch     My Bartenstein Side



בית הקברות קוזל בוורוצלב

Cosel Cemetery in Wroclaw

The history of Lotnicza Street Jewish Cemetery. Its present condition is voluntarily presented here.

Cmentarz żydowski przy ul. Lotniczej

 ulicy Lotniczej

Vom Friedhofe Cosel in Breslau In: Jüdisches Volksblatt, Breslau