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הדף הזה עוסק במשפחת ברטנשטיין שבמאה ה19 גרה בשלזיה-פרוסיה;  איזור רטיבור, רטיבורהמר של גרמניה באותם ימים, קוזניה רצ'יבורסקה של פולין כיום.  סמוך להם, בישובים הסמוכים התגוררו משפחות נוספות באותו השם.  כך בערים כ גלייביץ Gliwice, רטיבור Ratibor וגם בביטום (בוייטן) Bytom. התרבות הייתה גרמנית, רוב המסמכים בגרמנית, ורק לאחר מלחמת העולם השנייה עבר האיזור סופית לפולין של היום.  עם המעבר למאה העשרים עברה המשפחה ברובה לברסלאו, וכך גם הענף המשפחתי שלי. שם המשפחה ברטנשטיין נחשב לנדיר וניתן להניח שזו משפחה אחת, כמו שבט שהתפזר ובמהלך השנים ולא נודעו עוד הקשרים המשפחתיים בתוכו. מלחמת העולם השנייה העמיקה את הפיזור ובני המשפחה שלא נספו (והרשימה כולה אינה שלמה) נפוצו לארגנטינה, ברזיל ארה"ב, וישראל, ובמשפחה המורחבת גם לדרום אפריקה, הולנד ואוסטרליה ועוד.
בקיץ 2015 מצאתי קרובי משפחה בדרגה שניה ושלישית (זה די קרוב!) בארגנטינה וברזיל. קרובים אלה נזכרים בפנקס קטן שהיה שייך להרברט גדיאל (1895-1955) אח של סבתי. הפנקס הגיע לידי רק בקיץ האחרון. שלום לסיזר ולדניאל שטראוס, ולבני משפחתם בברזיל וארגנטינה.

צאצאי ברטנשטיין בישראל - - יש לכם קשר לזה?


Rudno, Ratiborhammer (now Kuźnia Raciborska) Kr. Ratibor (now Racibórz) Peussia Poland


In the family book of my grandmother - The Parents of Emilie Gadiel were:

Heimann Bartenstein and Irma Bartenstein (nee Goldberger).


Heimann  was born in 1841 and he used to write his name as Heymann.


In I found that Heimann had 5 brothers and sisters:

Dorel (1834-1837),

Hanel (1836-1838),

Moses (1838),

Moritz (1839 - ?) Married (1863) Charlotte Silberfeld, daughter of Abraham Loebel and Helena nee Steinitz.

Handel (1843)


Issak (1845-1847).

They were all the children of Hirschel and Rosel (nee Muenzer) Bartenstain from Rudno, Ratibor area.


Hirschel Bartenstein Married Rachel (Rosel, Rosalie) MÜNZER in 12-Nov-1833, in Gleiwitz;

His father was Moses Bartenstein, a Merrymaker from Gleiwitz;
His mother was Eulassa LACHMANN, from Rudno (Tost-Gleiwitz).

Her father was Abraham MÜNZER.
Her mother was Esther GROACK from Gleiwitz and Tost-Gleiwitz (Rudno).

The name of the rabbi Hirsch ZUCKERMANN.

data sorce: JG


Heymann Bartenstein had at list 3 daughters and at list one son: Max, Emilie, Rosalie and Charlotte


Emilie Bartenstein married Siegfried Gadiel at about 1890. Emilie's mother was Irma (nee Goldberger). Emilia and Siegfried moved to Breslau at about 1922; They lived in Gartenstrasse 34, and the business was at Frieburgerstrasse # 40. They had two children: Herbert (1895-1955) and Hedwig (my grandmother, 1897-1962). Emilia died in 1938, and Siegfried died in 1942. See link for some details about their children. (i have a copy of the marriage certificate)

Afrer time in Ratibor area, Siegfried and Emilie moved to Ribnik and later to Breslau.  As many Jewish families of the era they joyend the White Stork Synagogue that was near the Jewish Community offices, in Breslau (+see another link). In the above list we do not see Herbert, who was already soldier in WW1 and did not live with his parents. We do see Hedwig (my grandmother) that got married in 1923. That meens that this part of the list was made before 1923.

list sorce:


Rosalie Bartenstein who married Moritz Laufer in 1888. Moritz, son of David and Theresia (nee Tworager of Wieschowa). Rosalie's mother was Hedwig - Minna Bartenstein.
Roalie was murdered in WW2 by Nazis (see the list in Her name does not apear in At this time I don't have any details about this part of the family.

i have a copy of the marriage certificate


Charlotte Bartenstein who married (in 1885) Markus Reichman, son of Salomon and Johanna (nee Roth). Charlotte's mother was Hedwig - Minna Bartenstein. At this time I don't have any details about this part of the family.

i have a copy of the marriage certificate



Arnold Max Bartenstein was born in November 1876 to Heyman and Hedwig-Minna Bartenstein. Max married Freida (nee Herlitz) and the couple had 3 children: Hans (1905) Hilda (?) and Eva (1919). They moved from Ratiborhammer to Breslau, and in 1939 they escaped to Buenos Aires, Argentina. (See link for Max's family in Argentina)


Birth of Max Bartenstin 1976 Birth card of Max Bartenstein (1876-1940) Clik to enlarge. I have a larger copy. Rosalie, Charlotte and Max are aunts and uncle of my grandmother Hedwig Mlynarski (nee Gadiel)



2013: The Bartenstein-Gadiel shop in what is now Kuźnia Raciborska, (Ratiborhammer) Poland (Germany)


If you see yourself connected please get in touch and tell me about it. If you have more info please write me as well. Thank you, Yair.



Max and Freida Bartenstein @ Breslau and later in Buelos Aires
Sorce -
Breslau Synagogue Community Archive, address list 1920-30


So, Afrer time in Ratibor area, Max and Freida arrived in Breslau. Many Jewish families of the erea joyend the White Stork Synagogue that was (and still is) near the Jewish Community offices, in Breslau. In the above list we do not see Hilda and Eva (1919-1961) and that meens that they were too young to be members in the community at the time of the list.


The family escaped to Buenos Aires in 1939, and in summer 1940 Eva Bartenstein (1919-1961) marreid Egon Strauss (1918-2006). Egon, who managed to escape form Austria in 1938, and succeeded to get his family out on time, and wrote the family story with many detais (in Spanish) 2004-5. A week after the above weding, Max Bartenstein died out of long time  illness. Buried in Tablada Cemetery, 7/9/1940 as Bartenstein Maximo.


Hans Bartenstein (son of Max) Married Annemarie (Ann Marie) in 1942. They had Marcela in 1944.
Hans became a widower in October 1952. Annemarie died in an airplabe crash, in Singapore.
Hans took young Marcela with him back to Germany. He lived in
Wuppertal and died there. Marcela got married. Connections with them got lost. (see more on this story at the above link, chapter 55 or so).


Hilde (daughter of Max) married Viennese Ernst Teichner

Veronica was born.

/ Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Eva and Egon Strauss had three children: Federico (1942-1981), Roberto and Susana.


Dr. Federico Strauss and Dr. Zulema Abraham:
Cesar and Daniel     - -  (Shalom to my 3rd cousins!) I know I have more cousins out there.


(Clik to Enlarge) I have a larger copy.

The B section at Herbert Gadiel (1895-1955) Memo Book

The name Bartenstein Max is Clear to me, also the digits.

Can you help reading the other Bartenstein parts?





From this point and down, family connections ara unknon to me


Deported from Bytom area (1942): ( family connections unknown and in research)



















BARTENSTEIN Louis (born 1830) of Ratibor and Johanna FUCHS (born 1831) of Zülz got married in 18/3/1857 His parents: Samuel and Charlotte (nee Sonnenfeld) from Ratibor. Her father was Abraham Fuchs. (sorce - Jewishgen)

Johanna and Louis descendants are Avnin in Kibbutz Yfat, Israel, and other relatives are in Holland and in South Africa.



Bartenstein Shoah victems from (family connections in research)

Bartenstein, Else (* 12.05.1874)
Bartenstein, Else Auguste (* 23.11.1904)
Bartenstein, Friederike (* 25.05.1886)
Bartenstein, Fritz Herfeld (* 27.09.1894)
Bartenstein, Georg (* 08.02.1876)
Bartenstein, Gertrud (* 24.03.1881)
Bartenstein, Heinz (* 21.01.1921)
Bartenstein, Jeanette (* 17.07.1862)
Bartenstein, Lisbeth Albertine (* 15.02.1883)
Bartenstein, Marion Judith (* 22.08.1931)
Bartenstein, Robert (* 28.09.1902)



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