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Feminist Organization Announces Opening of the Women and Transportation Project

Revolutionary Women
In Mrar "Women Demand Mobility"
Saturday 29th January, Opening Ceremony in the Village of Mrar
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Kayan, which means being in Arabic, is a feminist organization, established in 1998 by Palestinian women living in Israel. Kayan works with women's groups and associations and empowers women to be vocal, visible and participatory members of society.


לחצו כאן לכתבה בנושא זה בעתון "הארץ" 30.1.2005


In the context of a multi-year project in the village of Mrar, participants in a Kayan training course in community activism were fed up with finding ways to get to the weekly meeting. With the mentorship of a Kayan Coordinator and an expert city planner, the women organized and lobbied with local authorities to initiate public transportation to meet the needs of women in particular, and the needs of all local inhabitants.




Against all odds, women in Mrar have succeeded in catalyzing a mini-revolution. This week bus service will begin, provided by the El-Affifi bus company of Nazareth. The women's group in Mrar, together with Kayan, and local authorities, are holding an inaugural celebration of this achievement on Saturday January 29th at 10.30am to noon.



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We personally invite you to join us at this important and precedent-setting event.


Rula Deeb, Director    

Tagreed Alahmad, Project Coordinator

Paula Mills, Development

Kayan-feminist organization
118 Arlozorov Street
Haifa, 33276
Phone: 864-1291
Fax: 864-1072

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The village of Mrar in the Galilee is similar to many Arab villages where women's mobility and freedom of movement are severely limited due to social custom and the lack of public infrastructure. There is no internal public transport of any kind within this large, sprawling village of 18,000 inhabitants. In this situation, women can not access vital services and institutions needed for day-to-day living. And furthermore, this prevents women and girls from stepping outside the traditional role of being at home, as they remain dependent on men to provide them transportation.

In 2005, women's lack of mobility is a stark reality in hundreds of rural communities, and affects the daily lives of thousands of Palestinian women and girls in Israel.



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All photos by Yair Gil, for Kayan - feminist organization, 2005



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