Thousands rally at Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem March 6 2010 - Details below

אלפים התכנסו במחאה על המתרחש בשיח ג'ראח

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I just got this e-mail few days ago:


This Saturday evening (March 6, 2010) we will be taking part in the Solidarity Rally for the residents of Sheikh Jarrah under the slogan - "We will not be stopped" - Stopping the Jewish Settlement of East Jerusalem. But it is important that each and every one of us take part in this act of solidarity. Either by coming to Sheikh Jarrah at 7PM on Saturday evening, or by holding solidarity actions abroad. Following this is a link to Haggai Elad's article which relates why it is so important that we all take part. The article begins like this:


This Saturday evening (March 6) one of the most important demonstrations for years in the struggle for human rights in Israel will take place in Jerusalem. Sheikh Jarrah has become a symbol of the struggle against injustice and dispossession, against the Hebronization of East Jerusalem, and against the anti-democratic changes that are taking place in Israeli society.

However, as in every struggle for justice and equality, becoming a symbol is not an end in itself. The goal is justice and equality, human rights and a future that dignifies human beings wherever they are. The organizers hope to bring thousands to the rally, so that at last the call for justice will ring out in the neighborhood.  If you don't come to protest on Saturday evening, Sheikh Jarrah may remain a symbol, or a fleeting optimistic moment that slipped away. Perhaps there will be others will keep the symbolic ember glowing. Even that is uncertain, and it certainly isn't enough. If we come together on Saturday evening, we can move beyond symbolism, towards the real goal of the struggle in Sheikh Jarrah for many months: Justice.


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